Ray 'Boom Boom' Whitaker

Ex Boxer, Augmented Human


Primary Abilities
Fighting 36 Incredible
Agility 16 Excellent
Strength 39 Incredible
Endurance 26 Remarkable
Reason 8 Good
Intuition 16 Excellent
Psyche 46 Amazing

Secondary Abilities
Health 117
Karma 70
Resources 16 Excellent
Popularity 10

Special Abilities
Regeneration – Heal Endurance Ability every minute he is not taking actions or damage.
Energy Manipulation Sonic 26 Remarkable. Lower or raise intensity of sound.
Combat sense. 1 bonus attack per turn.

Martial Arts Boxing. +1CS when engaged in unarmed combat.
Languages – Russian
Archaeology science skill. Degree in Archaeology

Grigori Valuev – Sports Agent, Has sports and venue contacts worldwide.

Mark Bernstein – Brilliant Doctor, who’s experimental treatments saved Ray’s life and gave him his powers. He is a savant in the areas of medicine and genetic research.

Nick Fury – An unknown. He pulled up in a dark SUV, rolled the window down and handed Ray a card with a number. Before Ray could say anything he said “If you are looking to do some good, call me. If you cause any trouble, you will certainly see me again!” Then he rolled up the window and the SUV sped up the road.


Ray grew up in a rough neighborhood in Philadelphia, just down the street from a juvenile detention hall. He understood that his choices in life were to fight his way out of the neighborhood, or likely end up in Juvie, and eventually the big house. He did what a lot of kids in his situation did, he fought a lot, to stay out of the gangs, knowing where that would land him. He stayed with his father, the only parent he knew. His mother was gone, probably killed by addiction or in prison somewhere, and his father worked 2 full time jobs to make ends meet.

Ray knew he had to get an education, or end up like his dad. He knew he wasn’t likely to make any scholarships on his academic record, as the bigger kids rarely let him make it back to school with his homework unless he hid it. He would never have good grades unless he could fight well enough to keep his book bag to himself. He headed to the gym and took up boxing, pretty much the only martial sport available to him. He actually did well, and by the time he was in high school, the owner of the gym had made some calls to talent scouts, and he ended up with a full ride to the local university. His grades still weren’t good enough to get him into the more challenging academic programs, and the Archaeology Department was the only sciences program he could get into. It was better than nothing.

It turns out, he did even better in college level boxing than he did in high school, and scored a Pennsylvania Golden Glove by the time he was a Sophomore. He got his degree by the time he was 22, and went straight into professional boxing. He made a pretty good living on the pro boxing circuit, landing some high profile fights, and winning some of them. He wasn’t a household name to the general public, but martial sports fans knew his name and stats.

Unfortunately, his boxing career was ended by a hit and run driver on his way home from training at the gym after only 2 years. His injuries were severe, and he ended up in a coma for the better part of a month. The doctor’s recommended he be taken off of life support after a month of no improvement. Ray’s father was considering their recommendation when he received a visit from Mark Bernstein. Mark explained to his father that his son wasn’t going to make it and was essentially dead. If he was willing, he would try some experimental genetic therapies at no cost, and he would pick up his medical expenses since the accident. Seeing he had nothing to lose, Ray’s dad agreed. The experimental treatments were not only successful, they had some unexpected side effects.

The side effects came to light when Ray had gone through the recovery, and was starting to get back into his normal life at the tail end of his recovery therapies. Ray went to the gym for some light sparring, and found that he was not only fully recovered, but stronger, faster, and harder to hurt than before, at a time when he should have been fairly fragile and atrophied. He went back to the doctor and had some testing done, and it was confirmed that he was augmented well beyond normal human capabilities, and there were some other strange side effects he still hadn’t completely figured out. Ray was forced to admit he would have to give up his dream of returning to the ring in a professional manner, as after one or two fights it would be obvious he wasn’t normal, and nobody would fight him. He called his agent Grigori, and told him he couldn’t fight professionally anymore due to side effects from his treatments.

Ray is at a crossroads, unsure of what to do next. He did some research and found there were underground fighting rings for augmented humans and mutants, but that sounded dark and scary. He was considering getting a normal job in the field of his schooling, when he was given the card from Nick Fury. That started him thinking about whether he could use his abilities in a positive manner, even if he couldn’t really call it a career.

Ray 'Boom Boom' Whitaker

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